Fun Fact - 3Musez Glass Paint

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

What is it? The glass paint that we use is mixed right in our studio! Each color is blended just before using. Once the paint work is completed we will set it in our drying bay for 2 to 4 days. After it has dried we will pop it into our Studio Oven and lets it sit for the required amount of time which varies according to the thickness, colors, and paints used.

What Makes the 3Musez Glass Paint unique? We take a base glass paint and add our special blend to it in order to ensure it is stable and long lasting. We can also make it so that the paint glows in the dark, changes color upon temperature, has sparkles, or even an iridescent rainbow effect. We can also add in tiny objects such as beads, bows, flowers, leaves, and once we added in tiny stickers!

Best of all - Our glass paint gives the piece UV Protection, makes it Fade Resistant, and is guaranteed to never peel off!

How is our Glass Paint Made: We use the Pebeo brand of glass paints as our base color and from there we add a special blend of ingredients that varies according to the look we are trying to obtain. Our blend come sin powder or liquid form.

Can I buy some of your glass paint? Unfortunately we can only use this in our studio because it has to be used immediately and the mix is always different depending upon the color/look the artist is trying to achieve. .

What Glass Paint do you recommend? Pebeo Glass Paint is out preferred paint which you can purchase on Amazon. We find this to be the best brand of glass paints on the market that meets our strict quality requirements and great for the advanced artist. For beginners we recommend playing with any of the glass paint brush kits found on Amazon and you can use your home oven to bake it onto your glass piece. Glass Painting Tip: Always paint before you solder!!!

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