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**Glass Artist specializing in unique 3D Stained Glass Portraits, Statues, & Panels. **

Since early 2019 I started my K-Pop Line where I have been making Stained Glass Portraits of K-Pop artists such as members of BTS, EXO, Monsta X and others!

I have made it my mission to give any BTS ARMY & MONSTA X MONBEBE panels of their bias if they wanted one. Since I started I have fallen in love with other KPop groups and decided to open my shop so that any KPop fan can order a custom panel of any artist. Because not everyone can afford a panel I also designed a payment plan where you pay what you want when you can. No dates. No interest. I want to share my admiration of Kpop so this is the way I can give back the love I get from our fandoms.

I can make a glass portrait for any person or animal. If you would like to find out how you can order one please purchase the listing for Custom Order. This is a $1 packet that will explain all the details.

Yes, I am a 3D dragon artist as well. You might have come here looking for one but I only have one left at this time (my daughter keeps trying to snag it too). I do plan to make more in the next few months but you can also order a custom one anytime.

As an artist I like to challenge myself and while I was making my Namjoon glass portrait I wanted to give it a 3D life-like appearance with multi layers in the hair, wrinkles, eyes that are life like, lips that glisten and have lines in them.... everything to make it seem as if he was alive in the glass. I could picture it exactly in my mind but making it was something entirely different. You see the biggest issue is it that Glass does not bend and it certainly does not flow gently with the wind. But I wanted it to do just that and more. My quest began....

After spending 9 months researching, talking to artists, working with instructors, looking at glass portraits I still could not find anyone doing what I wanted to do. I found artist who painted on glass, etched on glass, made 3D flowers, and some make 3D panels but no one was close to doing what I wanted to learn.

Then I arrived back and started to reverse engineer my panel. Many months of trail & error, thousands of glass pieces and shards, lots of my own blood (those shards cut), investing in numerous bottles of liquid bandage - I finally got it. I had created the perfect technique that allowed me to take a single layer stained glass portrait and turn it into a multi-layered, life-like detailed piece of art. My mentor was shocked and teases me about the thousands of intricate cut glass pieces I made.

What is this mystery technique? Right now I am not sharing it with others as I plan to someday wrote an instructional book. I also have found that I am continuing to build up it adding more and more details from other fields of art.

So for now I will say this: By combining several techniques (new & ancient) I have created a new method that I use in someway on every piece of my art. There is no other artist doing what I am doing with glass - no one else makes glass portraits like I do - and I am really proud of this too.

When you buy a glass piece from me you are truly getting one of a kind / original artwork. I put my dreams, my hopes, my love, my blood (I wash it off don’t worry) into every piece I create. Each piece I do is intended for someone else... perhaps the one I am working in now is yours?

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