Today, I want to share with you my funny experiences as a poor artist.

Let me start by saying that being an artist is tough, but being a poor artist is even tougher. I mean, I don't even have a fancy studio to work in. My "studio" is just a corner in my unfinished basement that does not have any air filtration, heat, and a cement floor - hence "Unfinished".  .And don't even get me started on art supplies. As much as I love to create, my budget is limited, so I have to get creative with my materials. I've used everything from old toothbrushes to broken crayons to make my art. Hey, they say that one man's trash is another man's treasure, right?

When it comes to selling my art, it's a whole other ballgame. I can't afford to rent a booth at fancy art shows or galleries, so I have to rely on online platforms and social media to get my work out there. And let's just say that I've had some interesting interactions with potential buyers.

One time, someone messaged me about buying one of my pieces, and I was over the moon! But then they asked me if I could lower the price by 90%. Ninety percent! I mean, I know my art isn't worth millions, but come on.

Another time, I had a potential buyer ask me if I could make a stained glass  portrait of them with a naked Tyler Swift.   I'm sorry, what? 

But despite all the struggles and funny interactions, being a poor artist has its perks. I get to express my creativity without any pressure to conform to what's popular or trendy. And when someone does appreciate and buy my work, it means that much more to me.  

While I cannot afford to pay to apply for numerous grants or shows I am still able to get my art out there with creative ways and searching art calls during lunch breaks.  

Someday I hope to have a real studio with power outlets instead of extension cords, heating instead of blankets and sweaters, air filtering so I can use my kilns, and real walls!  Still I am lucky because I am able to create art in a very limiting location and even though it is a struggle (especially during winter) I am still happy to be able to create.